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This Snowman Quilt is the perfect throw for winter time.  Its size is 54” X 60”.and is all cotton. (front, back, and batting)

This throw features two snowmen on each side and a star in each corner with active snowmen in the small squares.  There is a large star in the center featuring pinwheels in the four corners.  The active snowmen in the outside corners are on sparkley fabric.  Poinsettia fabric make up the snowmen’s hats.

Echo quilting is done in the triangles.  The snowmen are quilted with wavey lines and curved lines between them. The 1” white border is quilted in clamshells.  The 4 ½” outside border is peppermint candy fabric.  The binding is ½” dark blue.
The back of this throw is mulit shades of blue.

This throw is machines pieced and machine quilted.


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